Racist Obama button sold at Texas Republican Convention, vendor booted

obamabutton.jpgI must have missed this story over the weekend, but apparently a vendor at the Texas GOP convention was showing their true colors by reminding Barack Obama of his. The Dallas Morning News who first wrote a story last weekend on the campaign button to the left reports the vendor has been “cut off” by The Republican Party of Texas. See their report here.

The vendor in question is The Republican Market (www.republicanmarket.com). I searched their website for the button in question, but couldn’t find it. I did however come across a few other interesting items if you’re in the market from some 2008 Election gear.

english-button.jpg welfare.jpg kfc.jpg

If you would like to reach them, be sure to call their Florida office Toll-Free at (866) 422-BUSH. You really couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried. This story will double their business I’m sure.

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