Roland Martin Talking Supreme Court and Presidential Election on WVON – The Talk of Chicago


Friday was a busy day. I started out with a 6 am visit to WVON – The Talk of Chicago. There I sat and watched my Texas A&M Chapter Brother (A-Phi) in a rare studio airing of his show. Fortunately the sun rises at 5 am in Chi-Town so it didn’t feel quite so early.

The Executive Producer of the Roland S. Martin Show Ms. Geneen Hartson greeted me when I arrived and walked me into the studio. It was quite cool of her because I only asked Roland if I could sit in the night before and he was cool with it, but I pretty much just showed up.

rjs.jpgThe lead topic on the show was the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down a Washington D.C. gun ban. The majority of the callers agreed with the Court’s decision, which Chicago’s mayor Richard Daley vehemently disagreed with in the Chicago Tribune. He vowed to fight to keep a similar ban in Chicago.

At around 7 o’clock, one caller chimed in as a dissenter against the Court’s 5-4 ruling. That was Father Michael Pfleger (more on that later). Roland tossed out an opinion of how the ruling could cause more violence in the streets, but black folks calling in weren’t really trying to hear it.

They also weren’t trying to hear about Senator Barack Obama paying off the campaign debt of Hillary Clinton. The callers asked how much more were they going to ask Obama to give. How much more was the winner going to have to hand over to the loser? Who’s calling the shots? The callers were right on this one.

I was trying out some new technology in Chicago -while getting updates on more A/V stuff from Roland- so I’m trying to YouTube an interview Roland conducted with Rep. Maxine Waters. Again, thanks to Roland S. Martin, Geneen Hartson, the rest of the crew and WVON for the hospitality.


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