Dallas South up again, #66 in July Black Blog Rankings

Dallas South has again moved up in the black blog rankings, coming in at #66.  This months rankings compiled by Electronic Village tracked 1,274 sites.    Last month Dallas South ranked #66 of 1,237.  Congrats to Pam Spaulding, fellow DNC credentialed blogger who moved into the top spot this month.

Complete July Black Blog Rankings 

The top ten Black blogs for July are:

  1. Pam’s House Blend
  2. Bossip.com
  3. Nah Right
  4. Concrete Loop
  5. Oliver Willis
  6. Young Black and Fabulous
  7. Sandra Rose
  8. Crunk and Disorderly
  9. Jack and Jill Politics
  10. The Angry Black Woman

Top 10 links from Black Tennis Pro.

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