New Yorker ‘satire’ not that funny


The problem with satire is that most of the time people don’t think it’s funny.  Usually it’s the very people the creator is trying to raise awareness about or advocate for.  The New Yorker, a so called liberal publication, isn’t helping matters with this latest addition to media misx.

bamboozled_small.jpgTake one of my favorite movies, Spike Lee’s Bamboozled from 2000.  I haven’t met anyone besides myself who cares to much for it, or even lists it with Spike Lee’s other joints.  When my wife and I saw it nearly a decade ago, people were walking out of the theater.  I got it, but I understand those who were not as amused as I was.

In this instance, satire is unnessary.  We get it, folks think Obama’s Muslim, blah, blah, blah.  The folks who came up with the Michelle Obama lynching picture used the same excuse as the New Yorker.  They’re all pretty tired.  We get it.

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