Senator Barack Obama finds himself in no-win situations much of the time

Senator Barack Obama talked about no win situations some last week. Most recently this came up in relation to the never ending assertion that Obama is Muslim. If he vehemently denies all the rumors that spread then it can be viewed as him dissing Muslim Americans. But as a Christian he has to clear up misinformation regarding a religion that he does not practice.

Obama’s trip overseas also put him in a similar damned if you do, damned if you don’t predicament. John McCain and the GOP folks slammed him for weeks because he had not visited Iraq. Now all of a sudden they have tried to spin the warm reception he received abroad into a negative.

Making matters worse, McCain has brought on some of George W’s cronies to further smear Obama’s trip. Now they are saying that Obama didn’t visit wounded soldiers in Germany because he couldn’t take the media with him. There’s not a shred of evidence to support this claim.

obama-baby-photo.jpgIn some political circles he’s viewed as the most liberal Senator in Congress, while many (of us) say he’s moved too far right with his support of FISA legislation. His Kenyan heritage and Hawaiian upbringing leave whites with the impression that that he’s not American enough, while the fact that his father wasn’t part of the Civil Rights struggle leaves some African-Americans with the impression that he’s not black enough.

In many ways that’s politics. There’s nothing that you can do to find favor in the eyes of your opponent or your detractors/haters. But in the case of Senator Obama there’s always more to it, and its frustrating to watch it play out.

Anytime someone black says -or raps- something during the campaign, Obama has to answer questions about it. We hear conservative talk use code words referring to his race, but if he responds then he’s “playing the race card from the bottom of the deck.”

Throughout the year Obama has made a habit of turning no win situations into victory speeches. We’ll see if this holds true when McCain and his Low Road Express throw the kitchen sink at him.

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