Joey Cheeks of Team Darfur speaks with Afrosphere Action Coalition about Olympics

Last week it was announced that the Chinese government had revoked the passport of Joey Cheeks, founder and president of Team Darfur. Cheeks is a former speed skater who won a gold medal in the 2006 Turin Olympics. Team Darfur is an international association of athletes devoted to raising awareness of humanitarian crises related to War in Darfur (Wikipedia).

A few weeks ago and before the passport situation, I had a chance to participate on a conference call hosted by Yobachi Boswell and the Afrosphere Action Coalition. The call featured Joey Cheeks speaking about Team Darfur and their efforts to bring more awareness to the Darfur conflict/genocide. You listen to 18 minutes of audio from the call below.

Darfur Call With Joey Cheek & Team Darfur, Pt 1

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