A Tale of Two Conventions

As soon we got off the plane in Denver, you could feel that something special was about to take place. There were people holding signs of all types. We talked to delegates from all over the country. What was more, there were people in town for vacation or to visit, and they all weighed in on the DNC Convention.

Barack Obama supporters were enthusiastic, walking the streets taking it all in. Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, young and old, the atmosphere is electric.

But then there’s the Hillary Clinton supporters. It’s like they have their own pitty party going on. One guy told us he’ll vote for Barack Obama in November, but he won’t campaign or raise funds like he usually does for the Democrats. One lady I talked to seemed sad that she was even going to Denver. She wore a shirt that said “Thanks Hillary” The Hillary supporters are garbed out…but so are Obama supporters.

When we got on the plane I heard the first of many conversations broken up into “Hillary Supporters” and “Obama Supporters.” One vendor pulled us aside in the Red Lion (Texas Delegation) and told us to “watch out for the Hillary people.” I’m not sure what we were supposed to watch out for, but he was pretty adamant about it. I heard a conversation between three “hard-working, blue-collar, middle class” voters who said “they need to just get over it,” speaking of Clinton supporters, “it’s time to move on.”

Not so sure they’re ready to do that with talk of an 18 million voters protest scheduled for later this week. When we get a read on this Hillary for V.P. petition, we’ll let you know.

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