Chet Edwards speaks to Texas Democratic delegates during breakast


It’s easy to see why Chet Edwards made it so far in the Obama V.P. process. The Waco Representative, whose constituents include President G.W. Bush, spoke to the Texas Delegation about the importance of the 2008 election. At one point Edwards asked the breakfast gathering whether they wanted more Supreme Court Justices like Thomas and Scalia or in the mold Thurgood Marshall and Earl Warren.

After the meeting I was surprised by how long Edwards hung around taking pictures and speaking with well wishers. I got introduced myself and mentioned to Edwards that I was from Dallas (Oak Cliff to be exact) and he immediately went to the 2006 election when Democrats swept through Dallas County.

Edwards was engaging, personable, and stayed until everyone left, even sitting down to eat a late breakfast with a couple of straggling delegates. I’m sure this was all a part of what made him so appealing to the Obama team and how he continues to serve in what should be Republican country.

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