TORONTO STAR: Bloggers bring black issues to forefront

Andrew Chung of the Toronto Star writes another article specifically about African-American bloggers at the DNC Convention. Here are some of the highlights of Andrew’s article. I think he did a good job.

  • Slightly flustered, L. N. Rock and his colleague peer Adrianne George, both African-American bloggers, are rushing off to do an interview.As citizen observers and writers whose medium is the Internet, you’d expect they’d be interviewing some person of interest. Instead, in fact, the British Broadcasting Corporation is interviewing them.
  • Rock and George are just two of many black bloggers who have come to the convention. They’re here to watch, write and talk about politics and African-American issues. Their audiences, and their notoriety, are growing.
  • The importance of these blogs is that they are more about having an African-American perspective on things,” says Williams, whose blog title, Dallas South, signifies the kind of ethnic divide in his hometown, blacks and Latinos south of the river, whites to the north.
  • He and other African-American bloggers say that while the Obama presidential quest isn’t the sole raison d’etre for their blogs, as the Democratic candidate became more likely to win the nomination their blogs took on new importance for African-American readers. “It propelled it to another level,” Williams explains.
  • On Rock’s site,, he writes that he and his peers represent a “new breed of black media.” They are the “first group of black independent `credentialed-journalist’ bloggers to cover a major political party’s national convention,” he says.

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