What will November 4th Tell Us? Presidential Election or Popularity Contest

By Jazzy of Because I Said So

This election is beginning to remind me of the time I ran for my high school senior class secretary position (which I won, yeah me). That election was solely based on how many people knew your name, what they knew about you, and what others said about you.

Basically it was a popularity contest. Politics can be regulated to being a popularity contest (except for in the case of Al Gore). This election is going to be determined by how much do I identify with the candidate for a vast amount of America versus which candidate truly has the progressive view for our country.

Never more strongly have I believed in a candidate  as I do Barack Obama his plan and vision for this country will propel us back as a dominated world leader with restore morality in the eyes of our counterparts.  Obama’s election will change the last 8 years of our misplaced trust in a President that everything but our best interest at heart.Obama’s election will change the last 8 years of our doubt in government and bring accountability to the White House and transparency.

There will be no more big brother is watching as under the Bush administration there will be no more violation of civil liberties, no more stretching the dollar. There will be change you can believe in. Who would not want affordable health care, better public schools, adequate mental health coverage, immigration reform (that will work for all), and a stable economy.

I guess we will find out on Nov. 4th

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