BBC discussion includes Log Cabin Republicans, North Texas Pakistani Society VP, and Dallas South


On Monday, I had a chance to spend my lunch hour with the good folks from the BBC’s World Have Your Say Radio Program.  I’ve been on the show with host Ros Atkins three times previously, and it was nice to have the opportunity to meet him in person.

Listen to Monday’s Show here.


Ros and the gang are on a tour across America getting a feel for what things are like during this election year.  On Sunday the Talking America Bus was in Sweetwater (Texas) checking out a solar power wind farm.


I was pleasantly surprised to get the call Sunday Morning letting me know that they were bringing their tour bus into Dallas.  I was asked to spend lunch on the porch of Pappadeaux Restaurant on Oak Lawn discussing the U.S.’s role in Pakistan.


full-bus.jpgOne of the guests was Shanali Bhagat, Vice-President of the Pakistan Society of North Texas.  He added a lots of interesting insight on the fine line the U.S. walks between lending a hand and stepping on toes.

As always, the show was fast paced with lots of experts and callers.  I had a chance to jump in 3 or 4 times including a brief dust up with one of the Log Cabin Rupublicans.  It was fun, execpt everyone else got to stay for lunch and I had to head back to work.  To Ros and the crew in their travels….cheers.

Thanks to Janet Morrison for these great photos.

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