Colin Powell gets blasted by conservatives who once held him on high

Do you remember in Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing when a number of the characters went off on racial tangents. Pino, one of Sal’s sons who worked in the pizzeria was charged with slurring blacks. Ice Cube played this clip on his Death Certificate CD right before the single True to the Game. The intro to the record stated “no matter how much you want to switch, here’s what they think about you.” And then came Pino:

You gold-teeth-gold-chain-wearin’, fried-chicken-and-biscuit-eatin’, monkey, ape, baboon, big thigh, fast-runnin’, high-jumpin’, spear-chuckin’, three-hundred-sixty-degree-basketball-dunkin’ titsun spade Moulan Yan.

That’s basically what I heard driving around on Monday as I listened to Colin Powell get lambasted for his decision to vote for Barack Obama in the upcoming presidential election. Mark Davis, WBAP host who sometimes serves as Rush Limbaugh fill-in charged Powell with being a “liar” and a “traitor.” Speaking of Limbaugh, the king of conservative blowhards said Powell is only coming out for Obama because he’s black.

To assert that Colin Powell only supports Barack Obama because he is black is to slur the work of both of these men who have tried to do nothing more than to serve this country to the best of their ability. Websites and folks leaving comments spent the day saying that black folks are only able to vote for other black and or Democrats.

Which is it the chicken or the egg? These folks must not be familiar with Lynn Swann who would have loved to have had more support from African-Americans in Pennsylvania during his run for governor. What about the Mayor of Dallas who ran as a Republican and received huge support among Black Dallas citizens, even though he was running against an African-American Democrat? What about my regretful vote for George W. Bush in his reelection bid for Texas Governor?

So Colin finds out what so many people do in everyday life. I guess he’s no longer part of the Pro America -America.

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