Best Show to date: Vincent Tucker’s appearance on Shawn P. Williams Blog Talk Radio


Check Kristin and I on Blog Talk Radio -Shawn P. Williams Now when our guest was Vincent “Young Heartbreak” Tucker, founder of CWC Entertainment Group and host of the Vincent Tucker Radio Sh0w.  It took us a little while to get back into the swing, but we eventually knocked it out of the park.

Kristin and I added a few bells and whistles to the show, including our first sponsor.  Click here to listen to  an archived version of Shawn P. Williams Now.  We had a record number of live listeners Thursday night and we’re shooting to accomplish the same with the archived version as well.

My volume level is a little low and I’ll work on that for next week. Try to give me a pass on that one and enjoy the rest of the show.  We’ll be back on the air next Thursday night a 9:00 p.m Central.

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