Obama supporters have moved on leaving door open for conservative blowhards

Conservatives are acting like they’re in the majority rather than the pitiful lows that their numbers have reached in the Senate. And why not.

After the coronation of the President Obama many of his supporters have claimed victory and left the Commander-in-Chief and his staff to their own devices. The level of activity in the blogosphere regarding national politics has slowed to a web crawl.

Meanwhile conservative talkers are keeping the fire hot, pressing the President and Senate on the stimulus package. The media has wrongly reported that Obama is losing the air war to the right wingers, but they’re not far off. They (GOP types) are talking louder and more often than progressives about this issue.

Speaking of issues, many progressives have fractured, trying to push their pet projects rather than get behind the topic that President Obama has identified as most important. We -as progressives- took the fight to the right for almost a year. Now it’s as if Obama supporters have laid down from election fatigue to prepare for a three year hibernation before 2012.

This is supposed to be a debate, but progressives have not engaged, we’re too worried about why the President’s not addressing OUR issues since WE got him elected. There will be plenty of time for OUR issues, but now is the time for THE issues as in THE ECONOMY.

Americans voted in historic numbers and the enthusiasm for candidate Obama was unprecedented. But we’re going to have to turn that enthusiasm into action. The debate in congress has been vigorous and robust, yet on the web it’s been silent.

It’s time to try something new. I know folks like their stimulus checks -especially people that I know- but getting a rebate and buying a big screen T.V. didn’t work the previous two times. Let’s see if we cando something to create some jobs. God knows we need them.

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