The Allen Group Completes Land Sale at Dallas Logistics Hub to Oncor Electric Delivery Company

DALLAS, Texas, (February 19, 2009) — The Allen Group, developers of the Dallas Logistics Hub (DLH), a 6,000-acre multi-modal logistics park in southern Dallas County, announced today that Oncor Electric Delivery Company LLC (Oncor), a regulated electric distribution and transmission company, acquired a 9.3-acre-land parcel for an electric transmission substation within the DLH.

Construction of the new electric transmission substation is scheduled to commence by May 2009 and is being constructed, in part, to support the more than 60 million square feet of planned industrial growth within the Dallas Logistics Hub. The site will become the third substation within the boundaries of the DLH and the fourth within the service area of the DLH.

Oncor is responsible for planning and building the electric transmission system, from the generator to the distribution substations, in portions of northern, western, and central Texas. Oncor is additionally responsible for operating its transmission system and maintaining the structures, wires, and associated facilities necessary for the reliable transmission of electricity.

“The infrastructure within the Dallas Logistics Hub continues to grow,” said The Allen Group’s Texas Division President Daniel J. McAuliffe. “This electric transmission substation, along with the existing facilities, will enable users within the DLH to receive redundant electrical power from a very high quality and reliable service provider.”

The DLH was represented by Jason Elms and Dan McAuliffe and the buyer was represented by Wendell South and Billy Dearmon in the real estate transaction.

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