National Alliance of Market Developers (NAMD) Joins Forces with Real Men Cook Father’s Day Event’s to Celebrate Family, Fatherhood, and Community

Philadelphia, PA (February 25, 2009) – This Black History Month, the National Alliance of Market Developers (NAMD) the nation’s oldest advocacy organization for marketing to African Americans and other people of color is recognizing Real Men Cook for adding a special ingredient, which is purpose, around Father’s Day. The organization will present Real Men Cook co-founder Yvette Moyo with its President’s Award at its national conference in Washington, DC on April 30-May 2, 2009. Real Men Cook has provided support and a demonstration of the generosity of men over the past 20 years with its Annual Father’s Day event. It’s a great story of giving by average men, celebrities and leaders including President Barack Obama who have participated to make a difference.

Why is such recognition necessary in February? According to NAMD’s National President, Norm Bond, “Considering the financial condition facing our country today, it’s not a great leap to foresee the family crises facing our nation tomorrow.” As marketers we recognize that the US has long equated fatherhood with what’s in the wallet and not in the heart, and it’s important to recognize the creation and nurturing of a great brand and crusade like Real Men Cook in the African American community. In the foreword to the Real Men Cook Cookbook, authored by Real Men Cook co-founder Kofi Moyo and published by Simon & Schuster – then Senator Obama relates the joyful experiences of his family as they participated in the RMC events in Chicago. President Barack Obama states “For us, the big draw of the Real Men Cook celebration is the spirit of family and community that brings people from all over together to break bread and share in one another’s company. There is a unity of purpose and a common joy that touches each one of us.”

When the history of Father’s Day, which will be 100 years old this year, is shared with future generations mention will be made of how the formerly lack-luster day on the calendar became a much anticipated family celebration around food, honoring the real men in our lives. NAMD is proud to be joining the Real Men Cook crusade to communicate what matters and we are inviting corporate America which has long reaped the benefits of the consumer spending of African Americans to also be proactive in supporting organizations and institutions that help build our families and communities. These are critical times and the fabric of this country is made firm regardless of color by supporting unity, community and the important role of men in building healthy and happy families across America.

ABOUT NAMD: The National Alliance of Market Developers, Inc. (NAMD) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in 1953 by Black marketing specialists. It pioneered the research, development and economic insights into the Black consumer market. We remain dedicated to promoting the value and impact of the Black consumer market and fostering business growth for African Americans by serving as a conduit for learning, teaching and networking. For more information visit our website at

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