Bloggers Roundup debuts on The Shawn P. Williams Show starting this Thursday

I’ll be talking a lot about “the new media reality” over the next few weeks. In the new media space, we will see more newspapers going out of business, more newsrooms announcing layoffs, gaps in coverage. All of this impacts people of color exponentially.

Shwan P. and Carmen D.

Shawn P. and Carmen D.

A couple of weeks ago NPR’s News and Notes, a program geared towards African-Americans, recorded their last show. News and Notes formerly aired a segment called Bloggers Roundtable that was a source of pride among black bloggers. Twice a week, Farai Chideya and then Tony Cox invited bloggers from around the country to discuss a wide range of issues on the show.

I was on the segment with Kevin Ross (The Kevin Ross Show) the day that it was announced that News and Notes was going off the air. The cancellation leaves a void in the public discussion among black folks. You can look at the forums on many shows like This Week or Jim Lehrer and see there . In the new media age rather than begging others to provide the coverage, we have to do it ourselves.

Blog Talk Radio gives us an opportunity to continue this meeting of the minds on a weekly basis. This week on The Shawn P. Williams Show, Kristin and I will host our first Bloggers Roundup on Thursday April 2nd. Our guest will be L.N. Rock aka African American Political Pundit from his site of the same name and Carmen D. from the blog All About Race. I’ve contacted a representative at NPR and Farai to let them know we plan to “take care” of the concept until they bring it back.

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