R.I.P. Dallas makes is presence known, gathers 600 young professionals to support “Vote No” Campaign

It’s amazing what a group of friends can do with an email a Twitter account, and a few facebook messages.

Early this week I got an email from a friend that I trust. It read as follows:


I would like to invite you as my special guest for theDallas Young Professionals for the Convention Center Hotel Luncheon, next Thursday April 16th from 12-115pm at Eddie Deans Ranch (Downtown Dallas off Lamar Blvd).

The benefits of attending this luncheon will be powerful networking with the top young business and political leaders in Dallas and information and planning session for supporting the Dallas Convention Center Hotel.

This will be the first event of its kind where we are expecting over 300 young corporate professionals/entrepreneurs to attend. If you are serious about building your network and growing your business or climbing the corporate ladder, then you must be there. If you received this email it is because I truly believe that you are a young professional leader who will continue to excel.

I’m not sure how many more invites I’ll get to events for “young professionals,” but I’ll ride that train until it runs out.

Anyway, I thought since Dallas South was one of the first entities in Dallas to offer an opinion on the Convention Center Hotel , and since people link the site to the project, it seemed like a good idea to at least show my face. Wasn’t sure how they’d pull off 300 people since I was just hearing about it…but I try not to judge.

A couple of days later I received another email from someone that I didn’t know, and a phone call on yesterday from someone else asking if I was planning to attend. I’m not a rocket scientist, but I’d say it seems like they were covering their bases. It felt like momentum to me.

So when exited off I-35 and headed toward Eddie Dean’s Ranch, I halfway expected the bumper to bumper traffic turning into the parking lot. And when I got inside the room; it was jumping.  A lot of folks in attendance were shaking their heads at the beginning, and now that I know more of the story, I can see why.

As it was told, about a week ago 4 or 5 friends got together and asked themselves how could they impact the Prop 1 and Prop 2 elections. They decided to hold a meeting to get out the facts about the proposals and what they think it would mean to Dallas.

So supposedly they emailed their friends and asked their friends to email their friends, started as website called R.I.P.Dallas, and there we all were at Eddie Deans. 600 people showed up for the gathering. Even the organizers were visibly shocked.

Now let’s be clear, the 4 or 5 friends aren’t just anybody. The guys I met and that I was introduced to were the sons of some heavy hitting Dallas businessmen. But they have a (somewhat) diverse circle of friends that produced more African-Americans than I had expected to see.

There was a question and answer session with Dallas City Council member Ron Natinsky, a few people from the audience to speak, a slide presentation and some words from the mayor. All and all a really good meeting. Check the RIP Dallas site. We’ll be ramping up convention hotel talk next week.

A couple of hours after the meeting ended, I received an email from “Grim” the fictional leader of the group. Here’s what Grim had to say:

Will we soon be saying R.I.P. Dallas? If the two propositions on the May 9 ballot pass, very likely.

That’s why we are asking YOU to get on board the movement to Vote NO! on Propositions 1 and 2 on May 9 and to forward this message to 20 of your friends.

More than 600 souls have already joined our campaign but we need many more. Here’s how you can get involved:

1. Campaign headquarters is Loft 111 at South Side on Lamar. Drop by when you can to help with strategy, pick up signs and get on camera to speak your mind about billionaires and unions pushing their agenda on our Dallas.

2. We will be conducting an urban sign blitz Friday April 17 at 4:00 pm. E-mail me if you are willing to assist – we’ll convene at campaign headquarters (see above).

3. We are going to storm City Hall next Wednesday, April 22. E-mail me at grim@ripdallas.com to participate.

4. Forward this e-mail to 20 people you know and encourage them to join the campaign.

5. Go to the website where you can read blog posts by Grim (feel free to comment), view photos and videos of our upcoming stunts all over Dallas and read about projects in jeopardy if Propositions 1 and 2 prevail. If you are at work you may want to check your volume:


Gotta run. Lots to do. This election is going to be the death of me yet…


This is how movements are created in the 21st Century. What started as an idea a week ago has become a coalition in short order. I’m looking forward to seeing what these guys (and ladies that are now working with them) have up their sleeve for city hall next week. It looks like it could be a doozie.

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