Washington Times runs Obama girls picture with Chicago murder story

Gawker and Huffington Post are both weighing in on a photo “slip up” by the Washington Times.  The conservative rag attached a picture of President Obama’s daughters to a story about a record number of students killed in Chicago.  Neither Sasha or Malia were mentioned in the article.

Gawker reports that the picture was originally questioned by No More Mister Nice Blog.

This seems too weird to be a coincidence.  Somebody at the Times has got some splainin’ to do.  Though the picture has been taken down, there has been on apology.

I’ve heard some outrage already and I’m sure there will be more.  This is unacceptable.  But is anyone outraged by the 36 murdered students -mostly Black- that are mentioned in the article?  Black on black killings are on the rise according to a study by Northeastern University.

There’s been a 39% increase in the number of black males ages 14-17 killed between 2000 & 2007 while the number of Black males in that age group who committed homicides increased 34% .  The increase for Whites in that group increased 17% and 3% respectively (Associated Press).  Black offenders used guns in 85% of the homicides committed.

I’ve had the Associated Press story pinned to my bulletin board since late last year, but haven’t been moved to post it.  This is a classic case of being reactive rather than proactive.  Someone at the Times should be held accountable for this egregious error, but the community can use their faulty journalism to make a bigger issues of deadly black on black gun violence.

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