Carla Ranger supported by community, terminated by Dallas County Community College District

On Saturday morning, leaders from the African-American community gathered at St. Luke’s Community Church to discuss the Dallas County Community College’s termination of the contract of DISD school board member Carla Ranger. According to Ms. Rangers Blog (Carla Ranger DISD Journal), this was the letter she received after 20 years of service.

To: Carla Ranger, District Director of Educational Partnership

From: W.G. Garland, Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs

CC: Luis Camacho, Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources

Dr. Andrew Jones, Executive Vice Chancellor of Educational Affairs

Date: May 15, 2009

Re: Reorganization of Educational Partnerships


Mrs. Ranger,

As a result of budget constraints and the reorganization of the Educational Affairs Division, it has become necessary to eliminate the position of the District Director of Educational Partnerships. Regretfully, this means that your contract will not be renewed for the upcoming fiscal year and your last day with the District will be effective on August 31st 2009.

Should you have any questions or need to seek clarification related to your benefits, etc. Please contact the District Human Resources office.

Hand Delivered – Monday, May 18, 2009

Saturday’s meeting was facilitated by Joyce Foreman and Rev. Tyrone Gordon, St. Luke’s Senior Pastor. It was an opportunity for members of the community to express their frustratiosn, strategize for how they will advocate on Ms. Ranger’s behalf, and a chance for her to speak to her supporters.

I arrived just as Ranger was finishing up. She excused herself from the meeting once she was done. For the next hour and a half, citizens discussed their frustrations with both DCCCD and DISD. It was assumed by most everyone in attendance that Ranger’s termination was due to her outspoken nature on the DISD school board and it really does have the markings of a political hit. Ranger has recently found herself at odds with fellow board members who voted to extended their terms and are considering pulling funds from DISD magnet schools and academies.

Speakers at Saturday’s meeting included Rev. L. Charles Stovall, Juanita Wallace of the NAACP, and Levar “L.D. Thomas, former city council candidate. There were other community organizers, educators, clergy, former school board members and others in the room. I was encouraged by those who came out for such a meeting early on a Saturday morning, but it shows the type of impact that Ranger has had on the community. LULAC was also represented and one member pledged the groups’ support.

A steering committee was formed and over $1,000 was raised on behalf of Ms. Ranger. St. Luke agreed to take care of the funds until an account was set up by the committee.

While a plan of action is being formulated, attendees were urged to come out to the next DISD school board meeting (the DCCCD meeting isn’t until next week) Thursday May 28th @ 5:30 3700 Ross Avenue in the auditorium to show their support for Ms. Ranger

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