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This is the second installment in a series I’m doing titled “People I’m Following.” Tomorrow’s topic is “People I Follow on Twitter.  As for today, it’s People I Follow on the Internet.

L.N.Rock African-American Political Pundit

I’ve been following Rock for a long time. He holds nothing back and can speak on any and every political topic. As publisher of the blog African American Political Pundit, Rock was a fellow DNC Blogger in Denver last summer .

He has also championed the cause for appropriate use of tasers/stun guns. And on top of all that, he hosts an entertaining show on Blog Talk Radio, AA Politcal Slugfest.

Carmen D. – All About Race

Carmen and I hit it off as soon as we met at Blogging While Brown last year. She brings a wealth of traditional media experience to the new media space through her blog All About Race.

Carmen takes a sensible and straight foward approach to discussions on her blog revolving around the sensitive topics. And I like the fact that you can never assume which position Carmen will take on a given issue.

Pam Pohly – Everyday Citizen

I met Pam at the Democratic National Convention, and there couldn’t be a more genuine person around. She has collected an impressive array of contributors at her website Everyday Citizen, including local bloggers Janet Morrison, Gerald Britt, and Larry James.

Pam has also become an expert on social media, using it as a vehicle to organize, recruit, and help promote progressive causes.

Wayne Hicks – Electronic Village

Wayne is one of the deans of the Black Blogosphere. Besides his inspired work at Electronic Village, he’s helped bring a semblance of order to a space that thrives on chaos.

As part of the AfroSpear, Hicks has helped standardize processes and moderate discussions. He also created the Black Blog Rankings. And don’t sleep on Wayne’s selections on Old School Friday each week.

Michael Davis – Dallas Progress

Mike D has used his blog Dallas Progress as a vehicle to distribute information and enact social change. From tearing down drug houses to shuttering hot sheet motels, Davis is constantly seeking ways to make the community safer and more vibrant.

He sits on the Dallas City Planning and Zoning Commission, arguably the most powerful board at city hall. I’ve admired Mike since finding his site three years ago.

Robert Wilonsky – Dallas Observer

I guess it’s fair to say that I started following Robert Wilonsky on the radio (The Ticket) as opposed to on the web. His movie reviews (“that film was terrrrrible”) and fill-in Entertainment News appearances are always fun.

But I do catch Wilonsky in the Observer, or at least on their blog Unfair Park. Maybe I like Big Bob because his toughtful style is a lot more tolerable than the inflammatory ways employed by some of his colleagues. And Wilonsky is kind of the unofficial keeper of Dallas Blues History.

Pam Spaulding – Pam’s House Blend

Pam is a tireless champion for the rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Americans. She is consistently ranked at the top of the Black Blog Rankings for her blog Pam’s House Blend, which is always steaming.

Recently Pam and a group of advocates met here and drafted the Dallas Principals, which seeks full civil rights for the LBGT community. Pam is taking the fight to President Obama and other federal officials.

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