Dave Levinthal Leaving Dallas Morning News

I was shocked to hear that Dallas Morning News City Hall reporter Dave Levinthal will be leaving the paper.  When so many good journalists are being forced out of the paper business, its just as bad to see one leave on his on volition.

“Today is my final day in the office, reporting for the paper,” says Levinthal on the City Hall blog.  “I’ll soon head east, to Washington, D.C., where I begin a new career playing an old role: independent government watchdog,” he says.

I saw Dave working at the City Council inauguration on yesterday.  I didn’t say anything to him because I figured I’d see him at a subsequent presser or event.  Not the case this time.

Levinthal was one of my three favorite writers left at the Morning News.  His excellent writing and thorough coverage will be missed.  I wish Dave the best in his future endeavors.

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