Eric Johnson, Texas House District 100 Candidate raises over $60,000 in June

Eric Johnson may be new to politics, but he seems to already have one of the key elements down: fundraising. Johnson reports that his campaign raised over $60,000 in monetary contributions between June 5 and and June 30, 2009.

Eric Johnson is the guy on the right

“I am humbled by the level of support we received from our friends and family,” says Johnson who co-founded the Si Se Puede Political Action Committee with his wife Nakita. “I think a lot of people genuinely appreciate the fact that I have been working for years on issues that are important to the residents of House District 100,” he says.

In addition to the $60,000 in monetary contributions, Johnson’s campaign received nearly $5,000 of in-kind contributions in June. And he’s using a familiar strategy from the 2008 campaign, a large number of people contributing small amounts. Over 300 individuals have supported Johnson thus far, and 70% of those individuals contributed less than $100.

Eric Johnson is running against Democratic incumbent Terri Hodge for the Texas District 100 House seat.

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