CNN Black in America 2 Preview Clips

As Michael Jackson news subsides (maybe) I expect the promotion of CNN’s Black in America 2 to kick up a notch.  The surprise ratings winner from 2008 is back for a different view in a nation that has now elected a Black man President.

In commercials featuring Soledad O’Brien, she talks about Black in America spurring “debate” on the last go around.  And it did.  I remember being in Atlanta last year with a group of young African-American men and women who were literally debating the merits of the show.

Some felt it was shallow, rehashing old stories.  Others like myself, were glad to see these issues being discussed in this space with the hope that it may lead to some sort of course correction.

I’m interested in seeing what happens with this latest installment as CNN tries to focus on solutions for Black America and actions that citizens are already taking.  I’ll bring you all of the information that I can leading up to the July 22 and 23 airing.  These are two different previews although they start off very similar.

Link: Capital Prep on CNN Black In America 2

Link: John Rice on CNN Black In America 2

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