Is Dallas Main Post office about to close?

Late Friday afternoon I received a letter that supposedly went out from the American Postal Workers Union.  This letter was on American Postal Workers Union letterhead, and signed by President Larry Crawford and Secretary/Treasurer Jennifer D. Fulbright.  I was not able to call and very this information at (214)631-3162.  But here is the first 2/3 of the letter.

On Wednesday, July 1, 2009, at Mountain View College, the U S Postal Service held a Public Forum regarding the closing of the Main Post Office.  There was only one problem, the public wasn’t there. They (the USPS) said they notified you.  They said they sent out notices and posted the meeting time and place, but you chose not to come, because you just don’t care.  Funny, the Mayor and the City Council didn’t know, until we notified them.  The media didn’t know until we told them, so we can only deduce from all that you now know because we are telling you.  We need you to SAVE OUR LOCAL POSTAL SERVICE.

The Postal Service’s plan to shift mail processing operations from the Dallas Main Post Office at 401 D/FW Turnpike to 951 Bethel RD in Coppell, TX possess a serious threat to prompt and reliable mail service for the Dallas area.

What does this mean for the citizens of Dallas?  Despite USPS assurance to the contrary, mail service will suffer.  Mail will be collected earlier in the day and will arrive later, maybe even after dark.  And we could experience delays of several days in the time it takes to send and receive our mail Checks and medications may not reach their destination when they are needed: credit ratings could suffer because of late bill payments, and birthday cards and gifts could arrive late.  Everyone doesn’t use email or the internet.  Once again the southern sector of our city will suffer if the citizens are not heard from.  What a shame for the 5th. largest city in the United States to lose it’s identity by losing it’s postmark.

The letter goes on to ask citizens to “ring the phones of your Mayor, your Representatives and your Postmaster.”  They list several politicians and for people to call and say that the Postal Service is accepting public correspondence if postmarked by July 16th.  Because of the names in the email string I’m pretty sure this is real.  It may be out there somewhere else but I haven’t seen it yet.  I’ll try to verify this on Monday.

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  1. Joancmulcahy says:

    Forestdale Apartments for Seniors at 11851 High Dale in Dallas has had nothing but trouble since the late manager, Marvin Eads,made it a business. How he could do that when it is a HUD establishment,leaves one to wonder? The mail is notnot put in boxes by the mailman from Farmer’s Branch,but residents or the crooked manager;s daughter, Cheryl Flewhardy,who opens people’s mail,reads it,and then tapes it before placing it hopefully in the right resident;s box. New women have moved in and they grab the mail off the counter (bag is slung on the office counter in the middle of a foyer where gossiping women sit all day and tear people apart)and these women grab the mail and shake it and hold it to the light to see if there is any money. The residents have complained and complained and NOTHING has been done about this situation. Now the new old manager (He was 80 like Eads) Flewhardy has kicked the bucket (and he covered up and lied just like Eads) died last week. It is time that someone from the PO looked at this serious situation. Thank you.

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