Ford Exec Earl Lucas visiting Dallas with 2010 Ford Taurus: 5 Places he should go while in town

I’ve been asked to serve as an official host* for Ford Executive Earl Lucas, exterior design manager for the 2010 Ford Taurus, when he’s in Dallas this Thursday July 23.


Lucas grew up in Dallas, attending Booker T. Washington Arts Magnet High School that also launched recording artists Erykah Badu and Norah Jones.  This is part of an effort by Ford Executives to hit the road this summer to introduce people around the country to the new 2010 Taurus and its story.

While in town, Lucas will drive the Taurus to various locations around Dallas, some of which will be suggested by Dallas South and the Dallas South Family.  So here are a few places I think Mr. Lucas should visit while in town.  Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comment section.


There’s no doubt the Taurus should make it’s way to South Dallas, home of historic Fair Park.  The South Dallas Cultural Center is an Afro-centric venue that provides instruction and enrichment in the performing, literary, media, and visual arts.  Auto design has a component of visuals arts to it.

The center’s activities spotlight works that explore contemporary issues facing the African world community – especially those that strive to educate audiences about the interrelatedness of people of color.  Throughout the summer, the center has held classes in a number of areas -from literacy to dance- to benefit members of the South Dallas community.


There are a number of reasons to visit Southside on Lamar, but none more compelling than the story of Jan Gore.  Ms. Gore, owner and operator of Texas Caribbean Foods at Southside, has been driving a Ford Taurus for 16 years.  She currently drives a 2001 model and says she hopes that her next vehicle will be a Taurus as well.

At Southside Mr. Lucas could catch lunch at Texas Caribbean Foods, a cup of coffee next door at Opening Bell, and meet some of the interesting folks that live and work in the historic Sears Building.


The Bishop Arts District is home to over 50 local merchants, restaurants, boutiques, and services.  A visit to Bishop will allow Mr. Lucas to check out local artists in one of the area’s galleries, catch a snack a local eatery, or  pick up souvenirs for his trip home.


With all the hearings on Capitol Hill regarding the auto industry, it would be good if the folks at Representative Johnson’s office had a chance to see what the future has in store for American cars.

Congresswoman Johnson is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.  The committee has jurisdiction over U.S. roads and the safety thereof.  A first hand look at one of the new vehicles using those roads sounds like a good thing.

University of North Texas at Dallas, 7300 Houston School Road, DALLAS

The University of North Texas Dallas Campus became a stand-alone institution this summer after Gov. Rick Perry signed Senate Bill (SB) 629.  That means Dallas will no longer be the largest city in America without a public institution of higher learning.

Mr. Lucas should drive out to the campus for three reasons.  First, because of the young (and not so young) minds in the academic setting that could benefit from meeting a native Dallasite who has accomplished so much.  Secondly, it’s a beautiful part of Dallas with a great view of downtown.  And finally, after attaining their degrees, these students will be in the market for a new vehicle to drive back and forth to work.

So there are my thoughts.  What does the rest of the family think?

*Dallas South New Media has been retained to share information regarding the local social media scene for this event.

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