Bill Clinton secures release of American Journalists in N. Korea, political spin already starting

Former U.S. Bill Clinton & North Korean leader Kim Jong-il


Do you know what Americans should be saying?  “Thank God Bill Clinton went to North Korea and secured the release of two American journalist who violated that country’s border.”

Do you know what I’m hearing less than 30 minutes after news of this story broke?

  • “Has Bill Clinton upstaged his wife?”
  • “America is dangerously close to negotiating with terrorists.”
  • “How does the Obama administration respond?”
  • “Has Hillary Clinton been weakened by her husband?”

This is from the same line that brought the media their most recent headline, that the Obama White House is considering tax increases on the middle class.  It’s one thing for Fox News to spew this stuff, but producers and editors make the decision to give this stuff legs.

The media has found a new way to make up stories – hypothetical.  They call it conversation, but it’s happy talk and provocation.  I’m listening to people make up stories, and if no one says anything, they will keep doing it.

The journalists covering the story in N.Korea made a mistake and it took intervention to make it right.  President Clinton did what needed to be done to make it right.

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