Media needs to find itself, stop oiling faulty wheels

For the last 9 months the economy has trumped all discussions with regards to news.  Every since John McCain decided to leave the campaign trail to go fix Wall Street, the economy has been at the top of the run sheet for news producers.

But imagine, the market saw it’s best July this year in 20 years, unemployment rates are stable (though jobs are still being lost), and Cash for Clunkers is a success by ALL measures.  Look at what Jack Hidary said in a recent CNN commentary.

Cash for Clunkers is saving jobs up and down the auto supply chain: from dealers to assembly workers and parts markers. Dealerships alone lost 50,000 jobs in the last 18 months and would continue to shed jobs without this program.

If you look at the new cars consumers are buying with the program, 45 percent are from Detroit’s Big Three automakers. That is a lot of new sales for Ford, GM and Chrysler

But the media has decided to cut the chatter on the economy now that it’s moving in a better direction and find areas to focus their negativity.

  • Afghanistan: Does the U.S. need to change its strategy?
  • Did Presidents Obama and Clinton play into the hands of N. Korea
  • Healthcare……let’s not go there right now.

Who is the media afraid of?  I’m thinking that since birthers and false/bussed in healthcare opponents are shouting at the top of their lungs, the media is afraid to call B.S.  When opponents of Cash for Clunkers talk about the $3 million that’s been spent by Congress so far, why don’t they mention -as Hidary did- the additional $18 million consumers are injecting into the economy when they purchase more fuel efficient vehicles?

I can see desperate Republicans who won’t acknowledge the success of Cash for Clunkers or show any appreciation to the Clintons for their role in freeing the captive journalists.  But the press -this side of Fox News- should stop chasing ambulances and lead a more productive dialogue/discussion that our country deserves.

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