100 Useful College-Planning Tools for Conscientious Parents

The following tips come from a list put together by OnlineCollege.org .  Besides the general tips in this post, there are helpful hints about campus safety, testing, career choices and other.  To see the list in its entirety, click here.  Hat Tip to Amber Johnson.


These tools are just all around helpful.

  1. Checklist for College Planning: Make use of this checklist to help your high school student make the right decisions.
  2. ACT Student Stories: Share these stories with your child to motivate them to do well for college.
  3. Five Common College Parenting Mistakes: Avoid making these mistakes with your child.
  4. 10 Ways to Jump-Start College Planning: Follow this guide to help your middle school student prepare for college.
  5. Checklists for Parents of College Students: Get things straight with your college student using these checklists.
  6. Common College Planning Terms: This resource will help you decode terms in college planning.
  7. A Senior’s Advice to Parents: Read this article to get advice for helping your student, straight from a real high school senior.
  8. Hoverings: This blog for college parents offers lots of helpful advice.
  9. My child is off to college…now what?: This article offers sound advice for what you can do now that your child has left the nest.
  10. College Confidential Parents Forum: This forum is a great place for parents to discuss admissions, financial aid, and more.
  11. Helping Your Child Become a First-Generation College Student: This booklet will help you prepare your teen for college and a career.
  12. Parents Countdown to College Coach: Read this blog for excellent ongoing advice for parents getting ready to send their child to college.
  13. Glossary: In this glossary, you’ll find college related terms and acronyms explained.
  14. Break Those Bad Habits Early: Get your student prepared for college life by breaking these bad habits.
  15. College Parent Magazine: This magazine will help you survive the college parenting experience.
  16. College 101 for Parents: In this guide, you’ll find essential questions and answers for parents sending their children off to college.
  17. ACT Parent Newsletter: Subscribe to this newsletter from ACT, and you’ll get ongoing advice for preparing your future college student.
  18. End-of-Year College Planning Checklist: Follow this checklist to make sure you’re on track.
  19. Learning to Let Go: Parents as Partners: In this guide, you’ll learn how to be a good parent partner.
  20. Empty Nest Syndrome: From this guide, you’ll learn how to deal with your empty nest.
  21. Decade of Decisions: In this quarterly newsletter, you’ll get news customized to your child’s year in school.

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