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Health Insurance Reform Now Bus

Organizing for America -which is part of the Democratic Party and successor organization of Obama for America- pulled into Dallas on Monday with their Health Insurance Reform Tour Bus in support of the health insurance proposal.  Nearly 1,000 enthusiastic supporters gathered at Gilley’s to hear speeches from elected officials, community organizers, and OFA officials.


“About 15% of all uninsured citizens of this country live in Texas,” State Senator Royce West said as he addressed the group.  “This country is on the road to bankruptcy,” he said, “if we don’t control health care costs in America.”  Texas Houses members Roberto Alonzo and Marc Veasey also delivered speeches, with the later calling health insurance reform “the battle of our lifetime.”

The Health Insurance Reform Now Tour Bus has made over a dozen stops since Organizing For America launched their campaign in early June.  Mike Czin, an Organizing for American spokesman says the bus tour is part of a larger effort.  “We’ve been canvassing neighborhoods, holding roundtable discussions and community meeting since June 6th,” Czin said.

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Private citizen and former Dallas City Council Member Dr. Elba Garcia attended the rally in Support of President Obama’s Health Insurance Plan.  “Over the last 10 years, insurance companies have taken over medical and dental care,” said Garcia who practices as a dentist in Oak Cliff.  “At this point I don’t take most insurances,” she said, “I would rather take Medicaid which is a government plan because even though they pay less at least I know I will get paid.”


“We have entered a new phase,” said Mitch Stewart, Executive Director of Organizing of America, discussing the events surrounding insurance reform that have taken place since Congress has reconvened.  “(The President) is going to do this without adding a single dime to the deficit,” he said, “don’t let anyone tell you different.”


There were about 50 citizens -some from the Libertarian Party- set up outside of Gilley’s who opposed the President’s plan. The bus will travel to Omaha, Nebraska for a similar event Tuesday morning.