Live Webcast Here: Texas Social Innovation Initiative at 10:30 CST (Wed.)

The Texas Social Innovation Initiative is a regional, state and national collaborative to stimulate social innovation throughout Texas.  The initiative has kicked off with a pilot project in North Texas and a partnership between the One Star Foundation: Texas Center for Social Impact, Root Cause, a nonprofit consulting firm in Boston and Dallas Social Venture Partners, a venture philanthropy model of impact investors.  Together, their efforts have leveraged more than $100,000 to the North Texas region to help identify, strengthen and amplify the efforts of social innovators throughout the region.

On Wednesday December 9 at 10:30 CST, during the Governor’s Nonprofit Leadership Conference, Business Boomer’s live webcast will feature a distinct panel of leaders to discuss collaborative efforts that stimulate socially innovative activities in order to help answer this  question:

How will Sonal Shah, head of the White House Office of Social Innovation create a national agenda sparked by efforts on the ground that can spread across the country and line up with other successful global initiatives such as the United Kingdom’s Office of the Third Sector and Canada’s growing Centers for Social Innovation?


Anne DeHaro, Public Affairs Director and host of Clear Channel Radio, will be facilitate a discussion and field questions from an online audience as she interview panelists Andrew Wolk, CEO of Rootcause, Elizabeth Darling, CEO of One Star Foundation, & Stacy Caldwell, Executive Director of Dallas Social Venture Partners.

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