Super Committee on verge of failure….surprise, surprise

Time for the blame game as it looks like the so called congressional “super-committee” is poised announce they’ve failed to reach a compromise on how to .

I heard Senator Jon Kyl on CNN this morning defending Republicans on the Super Committee.  He said the committee was put together to cut spending by the federal government.

In actuality, they super committee’s job was to find ways to reduce the federal deficit by $1.2 trillion over ten years.  Budget cuts aren’t the only way to make it happen, though it’s the preferred method of the GOP.

Yes the committee was formed to solve America’s deficit problem.  A problem that increased dramatically while Kyl was a member of the Senate.  A problem that was exacerbated by increased spending and decreased tax revenues.

Seems like the best way to reverse the problem is through decreased spending and increasing revenues…..novel concept I know.

Kyl suggested reversing the Bush era tax cuts for America’s wealthiest earners would kill job creation. It’s a great talking point, but there isn’t anything that shows this to be true.

We’ve had big talk about reducing the deficit but no one likes what that really means.  Major federal deficit reductions will require reforms to entitlement programs and increasing tax revenues.  Until then, looks like the sequester will be in effect.  Good luck with that $50 billion budget reduction Department of Defense.

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  1. Phelps says:

    FWIW, the republicans put tax increases on the table. The democrats never moved on cutting spending, and entitlement reform was a nonstarter. Compromise doesn’t mean “give the Democrats half of what they want, don’t give Republicans any of what they want.”

    I blame the Republicans for being stupid enough to take this empty promise in the first place, but the failure of the committee rests squarely on the Democrats (which is exactly what anyone who has heard of the scorpion and the frog would expect.) That’s why they are called the stupid party and the evil party.

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