Occupy Movement must grow up

Since cities across the country (Dallas, New York, Oakland) began to dismantle Occupy protest camps, the movement has been scrambling.  But even as protesters continue in some cities and regroup in others, there are still no real goals for the group, no clear aims.

For many occupiers that’s just fine.  But there is an opportunity that exists which should not be lost, whether #OWS clarifies it’s aims or joins with other groups that have been more successful in organizing.

The Move Your Money project by contrast is tangible.  It’s aspirations are lofty, to “encourage individuals and institutions to divest from the nation’s largest Wall Street banks and move to local financial institutions.”  Wall Street has been much more affected by Bank Transfer Day than being demonized and harassed by the mostly noble intentions of determined occupiers.

Maybe the American Dream Movement offers hope to the left.  The unquestioned success of the Tea Party has left liberals and progressives searching for a foil, but to date, there’s been none. Politico’s Joseph Williams writes about the group founded by Van Jones and MoveOn.org which seems to be gaining some traction.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Occupy, but as we’ve seen with protesters in Egypt, a sleeping giant can arise when the occasion calls.  America is better because of Occupy Wall Street et. al., but #OWS would be better served by a little more structure.

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  1. Phelps says:

    The problem this idea faces is that unlike the tea party, this was never a movement. This was just group therapy.

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