My Sunday Dallas Morning News Column Looks at Gen X/Gen Y relationship

I write a column for Sunday’s Dallas Morning News (on stands now) that talks about the relationship between Generation X and Millennials.

The context is how some of those before us have refused to “pass the torch” and the point is coming where we may have to take it.

I’ve watched our elders hold on to the keys of the church, the family reunion and the mantle of public office. It’s not just because they enjoy the perks of authority, which they do. It’s also that they don’t trust us.

While we grew up in a wait our turn world, Generation Y seems to be content in creating their own world, (see Mark Zuckerburg).  Meanwhile Gen X is caught between the realities of getting older but feeling younger.

While many of us still look and feel youthful, the reality is we’re really not that young. It’s the ultimate moment of transition for us. I have classmates who are new grandparents while others are still welcoming their own newborns into the world.


The full column is available behind the pay wall in the subscriber content portion of the website.  If you buy a paper or have access to the premium content please take a moment to check it out.

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