Black Panther Buzz Two Year Early

A quick Twitter check yielded #BlackPantherSoLit as a trending topic…tell me more internet.

Top Tweets brought me to an article in Variety that shows Michael B. Jordan as on his way to becoming part of Marvel’s Black Panther film due out in February 2018.  This in addition to Lupita Nyong’o being set to join the film starring Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa and directed by Ryan Coogler.

I wasn’t (very) familiar with Black Panther until the release of Black Panther (2016) #1 released earlier this spring.  The combination of my son’s interest in the comic and Ta-Nehisi Coates serving as writer quickly brought the orphan king to my attention.

But it wasn’t until #BlackPantherSoLit that I gently pulled my son’s copy of the comic out of its plastic cover and began to give it a read myself.  Between all this and Boseman’s portrayal of Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War, sign me up for opening night 2018.

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