Mr. Kirk goes to Washington?! Ron Kirk up for Obama Administration Post.

I’ve received a great Christmas gift already this year, a host of new guest bloggers. Check out this post about Ron Kirk and his potentially being part of the Obama administration. I’d like to welcome LeLe who blogs as As LeLe’s World Turns to the Dallas South Family.

I don’t know about you, but I am overflowing with excitement that Former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk has confirmed that he met with the Obama transition team and that he is being vetted. At this time, details are very few, but this is big news for the City of Dallas and its residents.

It’s rumored that Mr. Kirk is being considered for a Cabinet-level post regarding Transportation or HUD. Mr. Kirk is keeping pretty hush-hush about the whole situation. However, as stated in the Dallas Morning News, unnamed Texas Democrats reported that the FBI has made contact with them regarding Mr. Kirk.

For those who don’t know, Mr. Kirk was the first black mayor of Dallas from 1995-2002. Mr. Kirk went on the run for a US Senate seat, however he was defeated by John Cornyn, a Republican. Many hoped that Mr. Kirk would make another run for the US Senate, but maybe he has a different agenda for the next four…or eight years.

Share your thoughts on what Cabinet-level post Mr. Kirk would be most helpful to the Obama Administration in. Also, what could serving in this historic Administration mean for him and the City of Dallas?