Confessions of a Dallas Mavs Fan

When I started this site, my intention was to update it every 2 or 3 days with information pertinent to Southern Dallas, and the Dallas area as a whole. And there have been so many things happening over the last few weeks that could provide great discussion amongst readers. However, the launch of this site coincided with something that has captured the imagination of the entire city: The Playoff Run of the Dallas Mavericks. It seemed like every evening I had something good to blog about, the Mavs had a game, and once I sat down, it was at least 3 hours before I was anywhere near useful.

The entire city has been caught up in MAVS EUPHORIA, and that includes fans that inhabit every portion of North Texas. In the supermarket, at the work place, on the radio, even in the House of the Lord, Mavericks Basketball was top of mind for any and everyone. Not since the Cowboys of the 90’s had a Dallas sports franchise captured the national spotlight to this extent, and given the locals such a rallying point

Last night, that run came to an end, as Dwyane Wade single handedly ended what was still the greatest season in the history of Dallas’ basketball franchise. Tuesday, ironically, was scheduled for a Mavericks parade through downtown Dallas, had they swept the Heat. Instead of an 11 a.m. celebration, shortly after 11 p.m. we all watched as Jason Terry clanked another brick off the front of the rim giving Miami the title. There is plenty of blame to go around, and you can point a finger every player, and every coach. But in the end, one thing is true……WE LOST.

It didn’t take long for the haters from Houston and San Antonio to start ringing my phone. The same cats that were sending me congratulatory messages with 6 minutes left in Game 3, could not wait to rub it in my face last night. The outcome validated their claim that “you can’t win an NBA title if your best player is white.” I didn’t have much to come at them with, Dirk was MIA for the entire series. He obviously didn’t play in the 4th quarter, if so I missed him, but I do know he was credited with two points.

With everything that is going on in our city, and all the things we should focus our attention on, Mavericks fans across the city are having a hard time coping with the outcome of the NBA Finals. I’ve spoken to friends this morning who expressed their feelings as “I’m so sick I’m about to throw up ,” or “get me down off the ledge”. On the radio, callers described themselves has having rope burns around their necks,” or “slit wrists.” I began to wonder how is it that sports can capture our imagination to the point that we compare losing to wanting to commit suicide? However, this is not unique to Dallas or basketball fans. Millions in the worldwide soccer community are experiencing similar feelings during the World Cup taking place in Germany as I blog here today. Since the days of the gladiator, spectators have tied their fortunes and identities to those for whom they cheer.

I’m sure that someone has already done a study on this phenomenon, and it’s probably very interesting, but today, the Mavericks faithful can only reflect on what could have been for the home team. And as the trials and rigors of life continue, as the problems of this city and this nation mount, Dallas fans should know that it’s OK to mad, upset, disappointed, even sad. But as was the case today, tomorrow the sun will rise in the East, and life will go on. As Chicago Cubs fans know all too well………There’s Always Next Year!

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