Coach James Mays II shows tough love to two SOC Basketball Players

When I saw Damon Sayles' Dallas Morning News article regarding Coach James Mays II, my first thought was: old school coach, old school discipline.  In the article, Mr. Sayles reports that Coach Mays left two seniors in Austin following South Oak Cliff's victory in the 4A basketball state title game.  The team bus pulled off without the two players who had celebrated the championship in Austin's 6th Street Entertainment District, and ignored Mays' demand that they return to their hotel room.

It would be nice to think that the parents of these two students thanked Coach Mays for his actions.  At the very core, this shows them that their decisions have consequences and in the end we are all responsible for the choices that we make.  The message that was sent to the underclassmen on the team is clear; there are rules on this team that are to be followed, disobey at your own risk.

I spoke with Coach Mays last night for the first time since this incident was reported.  Coach is taking this the same way he has handled his on court success: with class and dignity.  I can say with confidence that no one loves their players more than James Mays II. The DMN letters to the editor overwhelmingly support of Coach Mays, and as a friend I support Coach Mays as well.

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