Black Doctors Wrap Up Conference in Dallas

NMA Sign.JPGThe National Medical Association, the nation's oldest and largest black physicians organization, concludes its week long meeting today.  The conference which began last Saturday, has been held at the Dallas Convention Center. The NMA which, was established in 1895, boasts a membership of over 25,000 physicians.  Dr. Daniel Hale Williams was one of the first officers of the organization.

The NMA, led by President Sandra L. Gadson, M.D., discussed a number of pressing health concerns facing the African-American Community.  There were also sessions relating to Hurricane Katrina, one of which was titled Disaster Preparedness in the United States: The Aftermath of Katrina.  The session highlighted the medical response to the devastating hurricane, as well as the current shortage of physicians in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.  

Other topics discussed at meeting were HIV/AIDS, cancer, diabetes, and asthma disparities among African-American children.  The NMA will be hosting a Post Convention Seminar next week on a Seven Night Alaskan Cruise. Next year, the NMA will hold their annual conference in Hawaii.  This convention represents a recent up tick in convention business for the city of Dallas.

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