Dallas Recycling Cart Ready to Roll

If the City of Dallas is interested in families relocating here, it will be important to provide services prospective suburb dwellers are looking for.  Upgrading the Parks and Rec System is an obvious need.  However there are other little amenities that families look for that are often overlooked.  Starting soon, the city will address one of these areas with an expanded recycling program.On January 2, 2007, Dallas will initiate its Too Good to Throw Away recycling program.  This will be a twice-montly pickup of recyclables in a Bib Blue 96-gallon roll-cart provided by the city.  They will continue to pick up the clear blue plastic bags that are handed out for free at Dallas Public Libraries.  I've tried the clear bag system, and it is too much trouble, even for those of us with the best of intentions.

Dallas residents can sign up for the Big Blue cart here, or call Dallas 311.  Often it's the little things that count, and for me recycling has become cumbersome, and newspapers were starting to stack up in the garage.  This is a move in the right direction for environment conscious citizens.

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