Gun Shy Weathermen Held Out On Us

Snow 2.JPGI knew something wasn't right as I watched Ron Jackson on Fox 4 last night.  It was like he was trying to tell me something more than what I was hearing.  He may have even winked at the screen, I'm not sure.  But after his weather report, I was satisfied that the freezing precipitation that he mentioned wouldn't cause any problems.

Then this morning when I wake up, it's snowing like crazy.  Last night on every channel, it was as if they were trying to curb the enthusiastic tone in which the weather had been covered over the past 4 days.

But I didn't hear the word snow uttered, and it didn't appear in the newspaper's forecast this morning.  I don't blame the weather men in any of this, they all do a great job. 

But I do think it's something about how the stations are covering these storms.  It seems like more people are choosing to go to work today – in the worst conditions thus far – because of how it went over the weekend and on Monday. 

Let me know how it is out there, my son's out of school so I'm Mr. Mom today.

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