Candidates for the Dallas General Election

CityHallOrbs.jpgI've been getting a lot of questions about who I think will be Dallas' next mayor.  My answer was usually, "isn't there like 47 people running?"  I had a general idea who would be the major players, but I knew I needed to bone up on the candidates.  So I did a little homework over the weekend.  Below is a list of candidates for the May 12, 2007, Dallas General Election.  This information is available as a PDF document on the City of Dallas Website.  The document lists the treasurer for each campaign, as well as the candidate's contact information.

Dallas Mayor (Place 15) 

John C. Cappello        David Samuel "Sam" Coats      

Zachry L. Crain         Jennifer Lauren Gale   

Joseph M. McNulty Glogowski   

Gary E. Griffith         Kim Wilcott Harris     

Roger Herrera           Donald W. Hill         

Jurline Hollins          Herbert Ray "Tex" Hughes       

Darrell E. Jordan       Thomas C. Leppert    

William F. "Billy" MacLeod       

Yolanda G. Malvern    Ed Oakley                   

Gary W. Prichett         Edward E. Okpa

Richard P. Sheridan    Max Wells    

Gwain Gene Wooten

City Council

Here are the races for seats open on the Dallas City Council in Southern Dallas as of January 19. Click on the map to see all of the Dallas council districts, or on each district below to see a map of that specific council place.  In addition to those listed here, Districts 9, 10, 12, and 14 will also be part of the May Election.


District 3 

Joseph G. Hernandez     Dave Neumann   Angela G. Phillips

Joe L. Tave        Vicki D. Walton    Linda F. Wise

District 4

Dwaine Caraway            Gloria Sinson Hogg   

Kimberly Jackson              Eugene Thomas   

District 5

Betty J. Culbreath        Vonciel J. Hill                 Jesse Diaz

Larry L Holton             Don Robinson                 Lynn Flint Shaw

District 7

Carolyn R. Davis                  Kevin Felder    

Derik W. Gilpin                    Ethel L. "Precious" Chiles King       

Helene G. McKinney             Sharon M. Middlebrooks  

Donald R. Parish Sr.            Billy J. Ratcliff

District 8 

Tenell Atkins        Clara R. "Cla-Ru" McDade      Michael D. Rdgers, Sr.    

Charles Rose        Erik Wilson      Theressa G. Washington



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