Tony Dungy/Lovie Smith Make Dream A Reality

                Indianapolis Colts                              Chicago Bears

Last week I posted The Dream Is Still Alive, where I imagined the possibility that two black coaches would meet in Super Bowl XLI.  I knew it would be hard rooting against the Saints today, gina's comment to my post was compelling.  But at the start of the day my mind was made up, it was Colts v. Bears or bust.

The Bears looked like they would make quick work of the Saints, but their settling for field goals instead of scoring touchdowns worried me.  After Reggie Bush's 88-yard touchdown reception, the dream was turning into a nightmare.  But something got into Rex Grossman when he went 5 for 5 on the touchdown drive after the safety.  Lovie and the Bears made it happen, and my dream was still intact.

Then it was Tony and Peyton's turn to exorcise their demons vs. the hated Patriots.  I won't lie to you, when New England went up 21-3, I thought it was going to be a dream deferred.  But all credit goes to Peyton Manning for hanging in there (literally a few times in the pocket) and leading his team up and down the field in the second half.  

For a minute it seemed like Brady magic would prevail once again, but on the final drive Dungy, Manning, and the Colts finally quieted their critics i.e. haters by bringing the house down on the wicked witch of the AFC East – Bill Belichick.  The throws Manning made to Bryan Fletcher to Dallas Clark were big time, and throws that Super Bowl quarterbacks make.

As soon as the Colts game was over my mom sent me a text and my dad called me to talk about the events of the day.  Some may wonder what's the big deal, but it is impossible overestimate what Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy have achieved by leading their respective teams to the ultimate game in sports.  I'll be rooting for the Colts in two weeks, but I will celebrate no matter which team wins.

Now let's talk about the lack of African-American offensive coordinators in the NFL….

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