Candidates Make Contact

The race is truly on for the Dallas City Council and Mayor's elections.  Today, my wife and I received a letter in the mail from Dave Neumann announcing his candidacy for the Dallas City Council from District 3. In the letter Mr. Neumann uses leadership as the theme, and focuses on neighborhoods, safety and education. 

He promises to "protect our neighborhoods while surrounding them with quality retail."  Hey Mr. Neumann, how about another legitimate grocery store in Dist 3!!!  The back of the letter highlights Neumann's community involvement in Dallas and Oak Cliff. 

I also received an email from mayoral candidate Max Wells alerting me that his website was up.  Half the fun of the mayor's race will be seeing which candidates the major players in town line up behind.  On the Wells site, there's a section called What People Are Saying.  Here there are quotes from the likes of DeMetris Sampson, John Loza, and Ted Strauss. 

Tom Leppert seems to be making the biggest marketing splash so far. I've seen a billboard heading north on I-35 with an endorsement from Hiawatha Williams, and another heading south on 75 with a quote from Roger Staubach. 

Let the games begin.

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