Outside.in Blog names Dallas South one of Top 5 Blogs in Dallas

I was alerted by email this week that Outside.in has named Dallas South one of the Top 5 Blogs in town. According to the message, they analyzed data from over 4,000 blogs that provide feeds to the Outside.in site. Based on variables that included total number of posts, location of posts, and links from other sites in the community identified Dallas South as a top blog in the Dallas area.

Here’s their Top 5 in Dallas

  1. Back Talk – this recently redesigned blog spills the beans on local politics, news and happenings
  2. Dallas Blog – an independent online newspaper focused on Dallas politics and local issues.
  3. Larry James’ Urban Daily – lots of engaged readers tune in daily to read and comment on stories penned by Central Dallas Ministries CEO about issues affecting the urban poor.
  4. We Shot JR – one of the city’s best music blogs, with daily updates on dance parties, gallery openings, and album/concert reviews, along with videos, pics, and audio samples.
  5. Dallas South – This blog focuses on national and local Dallas politics, from a progressive African American perspective.

They also list 5 up and coming blogs in Dallas.

  • Trey Garrison – a side project of D Magazine’s contributing writer, Mr. Garrison supplies readers with his daily take on local headlines.
  • The Raiser’s Razor – resources and ideas for those seeking help with fundraising and grant writing.
  • Kera Art + Seek – a community haven for discussions about avant-garde cinema, dance, and gallery events around Dallas and North Texas.
  • Dallas.org – Dallas’s unofficial homepage and the brain child of Dallas maverick Allen Gwinn, his site exposes corruption within local government and brings contentious issues to light.
  • Life Outside the Bubble – a mostly video blog covering the Dallas/Ft. Worth music scene from blogging veteran Cindy Chaffin.

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