Different take on “facts” in Paris Texas Case

This was in the comments section of the Cobb -Strictly Old School Website . There was no name attached, but the person claimed to have represented Shaquanda on appeal of her sentencing.  Some of these statements had been sent to me earlier by someone that I has covered the case extensively.  Check it out.

I was appointed to represent Shaquanda on appeal after she was convicted…I did not represent her at trial. There are a few comments that need to be made about the DA's statement.

First, Shaquanda was never offered probation from the DA's office. You don't have to take my word for that, it's in the trial transcript. I filed a motion for new trial as part of the appeal. I called the trial lawyer and asked him if a probation offer had been made. He answered "no."

This was never disputed by the DA's office. Later, after trial , I specifically asked if a probation offer had been made. The DA said "no." That ended my enquiry into the plea bargain part of the case, and I filed my appeal with the Texas sixth Court of Appeals.

My grounds , among others, are ineffective assistance of counsel and insufficient evidence to remove her from her mother's home to place her in TYC.
One of the things that is disturbing about the release from the DA's office is the apparent lack of knowledge about juvenile law. A juvenile cannot, I repeat, Cannot, be sentenced by a jury. Only the judge can set the punishment.

There are many other "misstatements" about this case. I try only to set the record straight.

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