Interview with Pikahsso of PPT (Part 1); group to perform at ‘I Got Soul’ Music Conference

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Since I stumbled across the "I Got Soul" Dallas Soul Music Conference a few weeks ago, I've been back and forth on whether or not I'd be able to make it to the Black Forest for the actual event.  Then when I found out that PPT would be performing, the decision became an easy one.
PPT is the hottest group in Dallas that no one knows about.  I was turned on to the group by Texas Gigs and Dallas Progress last fall, but the local hip hop trio has come on strong this year.  Their performance at the SXSW (South by Southwest) has only added to their local legend and broadened their loyal following.  Pikahsso, the lyricist of the group was gracious enough to give me an interview before their Soul Conference set.  Hang on, this one's pretty wild!
Check out Pikahsso's MySpace Page for a sample of PPT's musical stylings. 
Dallas South Blog:  How did PPT come into existence?
ppt pik 2.jpgPikahsso: PPT came into existence because I did a song called VERB (The BrainPhunk Verbsion) produced by Picnic, and Tahiti shot the video. It came out at bout the end of 2005 & got hot at the beginning of 2006. When it got shown on Me Television, MySpace, Google, Blastro and other sites all the emails and responses was like "wow that's some different music right there man it's tight."
So people were saying Pikahsso came with it on the vocals, Picnic came with on the beat, and Tahiti came with on the video so Tahiti saw all them emails i got and he thought "hey lets start a group called PPT" since people seem to think we all have a good chemistry together.  So Picnic and Tahiti called me on the phone bout February 1st my birthday and said hey man we got a group idea, name, and it's called PPT and you're in it so I said cool and the history is rest.
DSB:  What does each artist bring to the group?

PIK: Picnic is the youngest one in the bunch he brings that fashion sense and style and swagger and in the studio period point blank he's a musical genius a natural Picnic makes it fun to do music again he gives you something to look forward to in a beat because whatever you come up with vocally you best believe he's gone match it.

Beatically, Picnic has a very creative mind and ear and he can hold a note on the singing tip to. He's good at putting together our stage shows, and mixing down our songs and he can play the hell out of some drums trust me when I tell you this he's a genius.
Tahiti he's like a human musical encyclopedia, he knows all the musical trivia, the samples, where they came from and he has tons of ideas spewing from his mind 24/7. Tahiti is one of the dopest video producers in not only the DFW metroplex, but the world.  Everyone just don't know it but make no mistake he's no joke behind the lens and them editing programs.
And the dude has a real over the top sense of humor and intense stage presence you never know what he's gone do at a show you just have to see it to know what im talking bout. And although he's not a singer being in PPT is starting to rub off on him cause every once in a while ill hear him hit a note and its makes a good foundation for a song or hook. He also has good song writing skills
Now for me it's kinda hard to describe myself so im gone go off what most people tell me they think of me.  People think im borderline creative scientist, im considered the enigma of PPT, the eccentric one, im always thinking outside the box. I like to listen to music especially jazzed vocals backwards, I have about 100 alias, my mind is always racing, I never go to sleep I probably sleep about 3 hours a day, im a workaholic, as popular as I am is as lonely as I am.
im brutally honest, not the best in relationships, got a very good heart, I appear to be more outgoing than I really am im actually a real shame face bashful kinda guy except when im on stage I have an outer body experience and become someone else but after that im actually a quiet recluse. Tahiti calls me the Black Gene Hackman. I have choir training so im able to do all kinds of different vocal ranges from singing in a real deep voice, to a tenor, to an extreme high, if you have a distinct sound about your voice I probably can imitate it and sound real close to it.
When people get to know me I have a real quiet wit that have caused some to tinkle they pants when im on a roll. I march to the beat of a different drummer but im good people and wont hurt a fly nor will I take no nonsense off people. I do the graphics, keep the myspace pages updated, I love talking to the fans, keeping up with the media, I guess you can say im the Snack of all trades…But make no mistake im humble and love to help people.
DSB:  Why have you guys been able to develop such a loyal local fanbase?
ppt quick 2.jpgPIK: I think it's because 1 – we don't curse in our music and that opens up so many doors, 2 – we entertain the crowd to the fullest, we get out on the floor and dance with them, blow whistles, live drumming on the stage. And most of all we have been blessed to be put in front of thousands of people and have been on the front cover of Quick 3 times i've been on it twice or was it 3 times by myself.
We treat the people who come to our shows like humans and dont be mean to them so the word of mouth on all of that stuff plus the fact our cd Tres Monos In Love is so sick so people just been spreading the word mouth to mouth.  It shocks me sometimes to see the reaction we get from fans.  It shocks me to be honest.

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