TeCo Theater’s New Play Competition Begins February 14

teco.jpgGet your ringside seats to TeCo’s annual New Play Competition. Beginning February 14, 2008, six Dallas area playwrights will battle it out for a chance to win $1,000 cash and two roundtrip airline tickets. It’s going to be a knock out so get your tickets early! The contenders are:

*Ten At The End by Richard Carter

Trying may have given them more than what they bargained for

*Casting Stones by Paula J. Sanders

Three cousins deal with the past and a body in the living room

*Come Tomorrow by Alvinette Downing McCleave

Take a closer look into to the world of secret agendas and lifestyle changes

*Where Dogs Come From by Alex M. G. Burton

A faithful representation of where dogs come from

*Big Girls Need Love Too by Seneca Wills

A gossiping granny and slim devious sister are no match for the full-figured beautiful Cathy

*The World’s Greatest Gameshow Ever! by linuslynell

What would happen if a white suburban mom ended up being blacker than black people?

Audience members are given ballots to vote for their favorite production at each performance. On closing night, we tally the votes and award the winning playwright with $1,000 cash and two round trip airline tickets. **For mature audiences.**

Hampton/Illinois Library Black Box Theatre
2951 South Hampton Road
General Admission Seating, 8PM Nightly
All Seats $10 in advance, $15 at the door (plus service fee)
For reservations, call the box office at 214.948.0716

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