Part 2 of PPT’s Pikahsso Interview

This weekend, I had a chance to meet Pikahsso, Picnic, and Tahiti for the first time at the I Got Soul Music Conference.  The fellas invited my wife and I to catch their appearance out at the Apple store in North Park mall. We were able to head across the Trinity to check them out.  Good lookin' out to PPT and Alan Cohen from Pegasus News/Texas Gigs on the Apple gig, that was cool.
DSB:  What was it like to perform at South by Southwest?
ppt 5.jpgPIK: My God that was like performing in Heaven without being dead.  Big ups to my boy Matt Sonzala who writes for Ozone, XXL, Murder Dog, Houston So Real, Source and alot of other magazines for booking me in 2006 and for booking PPT in 2007.  That dude is the one who not only made that happen for me and PPT but for alot of other groups in DFW like Verbal Seed, Money Waters, Thesis, Bavu Blakes, Hydroponic Soundsystem, and more.
Also big ups to Edward Hall of for making it happen @ The SXSW this year. That was one of the best shows I have ever done as a performer and I can't wait to do it again.
ppt 4.jpgDSB:  How would you characterize the Dallas music scene in general and more specifically the hip hop set?
PIK: To be honest a few years back the Dallas Fort Worth Music scene was in dire straits, but now the artists in DFW ain't playing no more. So it's on the verge of exploding and im not just saying that; I mean it. Dallas been had a story to tell, nobody just wasn't reading the book.
You have to give it up to DFW legends like Nemesis that Snake, Big Al (R.I.P.) Casanova Rock, Azim, Buhmble Bee, dudes like You Know Who, Pimpsta, Gugu, Ron C, Left Right Shoe Emcees, Curly and Deshay, Star Studded Strutters, Gerald and the Boxheads, Fila Fresh Crew, K-Cold, Mad Flava, Kotton Mouth, Bobo Luchiano and many more were building the DFW scene when most was just a itch in they daddies pants. 
Even the DOC even though some get upset because he didn't claim Dallas when he was on top. Tracy Curry is still from West Dallas and he's part of our history and was one of the dopest to ever touch a mic device. Then came the second generation doing it big like Pookie, Lucci, Twisted Black, Gylo, Boogieman Stampede,  Six 2, DDC, Kabaal, DSR and so many more.
Now as for the hiphopers in DFW, it's alot that's doing they thing to let people know that Dallas has some spitter dudes with skills like KNES, Dow Jones, Slump Masters, Strange Fruit Project, Original Soul, Pestalance, Chucky Sly, and Steve Austin.   To be honest, one day im just gone have to do an entire interview on that subject alone.  DFW music scene period point blank is a diamond in the rough ready to get its shine on and we won't be denied.
All we have to do is stick together, work together, get good with God, and keep on getting more women involved in this DFW music scene we gone be alright and im proud to say im from Dallas Fort Worth. Im actually from South Dallas, went to Lincoln High yep weirdos from the hood too.
                                 ppt 3.jpg
DSB:  When can we expect another PPT project to come our way?
PIK: Right now we have our cd in stores called Tres Monos In Love; that's spanish for 3 monkeys in love. It has a dvd that comes with the cd that has a video to go with every song but 1 on our cd. Cop that now!
Our next cd we have coming out is called (((denglish))) that's all im gone say on that cause I don't want no idea deprived individual to see it and try to run with it. If you think the surprise on our first cd was big, wait till you get a whiff of what (((denglish))) is about.
Shouts out to Erv the CEO of Idol Records, The Dallas Mavs, Texasgigs, Quick, Dallas Observer, and all the fans. Man I could not do it without ya'll and that's on everything. Hit us up @ or hit me up on my personal myspace @

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