R Kelly Trial still delayed after 5 years

e050118A.jpgBlack America Web has an article that highlights the 5 years that have passed since R & B singer R Kelly was charged with child pornography for allegedly videotaping sex acts with a teen female. 

See the entire article here.

According to the article, "R. Kelly has had six best-selling albums, three nationwide tours, a multitude of hits and awards – but no trial."  What's the hold up? 

Has anyone ever wondered why R. Kelly chose to call himself "The Pied Piper of R & B?"  You remember the story of the pied piper don't you?  It's a tale about a man who played the flute in a way that put a spell on a number of children, so that they couldn't help but to follow him. 

The article made me reflect on one of my favorite episodes of Boondocks that ran a couple of years ago on the The Cartoon Network.  For some reason I can't post the You Tube clip from the show's 2nd episode titled "The Trial of R. Kelly."  But please take a couple of minutes to view the clip here .

As an aside, I hear Boondocks may be coming back for a second season next month.  It will be interesting to see how it is received in a post-Imus environment.  I have some thoughts on the subject that I would like to share later.

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